You’ve Got This

Papa, I can’t
go back in there

you don’t have to go

i’m not
i’m not as strong as the other girls

oh, my princess,
there is a lot more to strength than just muscle

what do you mean?

the strongest people i know don’t have the biggest arms
they keep going when things are hard,
they try, even when trying seems silly,
and they have the strength it takes to lift other people up
when they don’t want to try either
you are strong, my child
very strong

i still can’t lift very heavy things
or carry heavy ones for long

well, remember,
wherever you go, you are carrying my heart with you

i guess i’ll go back in there

you’ve got this


Create Your Own

Autumn, dressed as Summer, stormed into his house and ate his good intentions. Half-starving, he staggered off into the woods (where he thought cooler days might be waiting) only to find a painter who told him, “never look for Fall — just create it.”

Just Listen

When I ask you to listen to me and you start giving me advice, you have not done what I asked.

When I ask you to listen to me and you begin to tell me why I shouldn’t feel that way, you are trampling on my feelings.

When I ask you to listen to me and you feel you have to do something to solve my problem, you have failed me, strange as that may seem.

All I ask is that you listen.

Don’t talk or do, just hear me.
Advice is cheap, 20 cents will get you both.
Dear Abby and Billy Graham in the same newspaper.

And I can do for myself, I am not helpless.
Maybe discouraged and faltering, but not helpless.

When you do something for me that I can and need to do for myself, you contribute to my fear and inadequacy.

But when you accept as a simple fact that I feel what I feel, no matter how irrational, then I can stop trying to convince you and get about this business of understanding what’s behind this irrational feeling.

And when that’s clear, the answers are obvious and I don’t need advice.

Irrational feelings make sense when we understand what’s behind them.

Perhaps that’s why prayer works – sometimes – for some people, because God is mute.
And he doesn’t give advice or try to fix things. God just listens and lets you work it out for yourself.

So please listen, and just hear me.
And if you want to talk, wait a minute for your turn, and I will listen to you.


He Got Me at Hello

Can i talk about this guy for a minute? The guy who stole my heart long time a go. From a stranger to a lover. I actually don’t know what he did to me. He got me at hello. That was a serious hello came up with a sweet smile and sharp eyes stared. Weaken my heart to the root. Weaken my knees. Speeded up my heart beat. Accelerated the flow of my blood. And for the first time ever i know what it meant to be. Though i never bothered myself asking what was it. I can’t forget the moment i wondered his name and it led me to his badge.
Jason.. my coffee guy. Or Sprite. Or that funny oolong tea.
Can’t go further. Can’t dive deeper.
Nothing bad that i can remember. Was come to an end, unwanted.
He got me at hello. Never a goodbye.

–  a younger me –

I Woke Up Before Too Long

you said we had met in your dream
a thing we just might do, one day.

though in my dream, it was at night…

a dark, rainy sort of night
but in a well-lit city park
that kept the midnight far from dark.
and where i called you by your name
and you embraced me as a friend
and all the world was wet with tears.

for things and places torn and gone,
for dreams that death takes away,
for hopes left up on doctor’s shelves,
and cold white room that some full of sadness.

but all of that, we didn’t say,
because we knew the other knew,
and lives are rooms behind locked doors,
though our words may be keys…

and then you spoke, although
your words were song;
the misty park dissolved
before too long,
and i awoke, not knowing what
you said,
but with your music
still inside.
my head

The Way I See Him

My love for him is beyond word
Deep in my heart it’s swelling
And yet, it loses all it is
And more, then, in the telling

I try to express it into words
And so convey the feeling
But like a bird, it flies away, away
As though there was no ceiling

So to contain this cherishing.
And now, at last, I have the fear
No words I have that can make you see my love
The way I see him

We’re Not Always Okay

Sometimes, it’s okay to not be okay. Because we’re not always okay.

Depression happens. Most of the time. That feeling of unrelenting suppression of feelings, hopes, dreams, joy. Disappointments happen. We look forward to things and they don’t happen and we’re heartbroken and may comes from those we love the most. Betrayal happens. Things we once thought should have been decided not to be, people we thought we could trust turned on us, things change and we don’t know how to cope. And that’s keeping us down.

Life happens. Stresses happen, deadlines and commitments and everything else piles up on top of each other and we can feel so worn. Exhausted. Mentally drain.

Life happens and it’s okay when we fall apart into a million pieces because we have a God that wants to put us back together. He always there. Life happens and it’s okay to not be okay, because when we realize that that we’re not fine, we open ourselves up to the amazing One.

It’s okay to not be okay, because we’ll never be perfect and we shouldn’t try to be..

It’s okay when things don’t go right because we live in a fallen, imperfect, wild world.

It’s okay to not be okay, because as soon as we realize that we’re not all set on our own, we open ourselves up to receive the help that only God offers. Everyone struggles with something. Whether it’s our own fault, or the doing of someone or something else, we all have things we’ll wrestle with.

Life doesn’t always play nice. But faith’s always there for us to hang on to. When we’re not okay, we can hang on to our faith and seek our God.

When we hear that we have “nothing to fear,” we can so easily write it off and think that it’s not true. Things are still terrifying. Life’s still scary. Problems still occur. We’re totally in human shape.. inside and out.

Because we won’t find them anywhere else.

In not being okay. Let us build our dependence on Him.