Thoughts In Rainy Day

I photograph a rainbow
Through a gray and drizzly haze.
And think: while we communicate
A thousand different ways.

The conversation we might have
Is fragmented, corrupted:
For we now never have one that’s
Not some way interrupted.

And out there, past the windshield
In the aether, lives get crossed
The rainbow goes unseen
The intimacy.

Be Ready for 2017

As we approach 2017 you may be feeling nostalgic for all of the wonderful thing that have happened in your life this year. You may also be keen for the year to draw to a close if it has been a difficult or challenging time for you.

The great thing about the New Year is that is an opportunity to look at your life with fresh eyes and re-evaluate what is important to you. The New Year is a chance for change and a chance to truly forgive yourself for any mistakes made in the year that has just passed.

If you want to start 2017 on the right patch to a year full of health, happiness and positivity then it is important to set intentions for the next 12 months. What is it you want to achieve and how are you going to support yourself to reach these goals?

Your aims for this upcoming year may be tangible things that can be worked towards, such as moving house or completing an educational course. Your aims may also be more personal to you and involve your relationship with yourself and those around you.

Whatever your aims are for 2017 it helps to clarify them out loud to yourself as you contemplate the best route to your goals.

It is always beneficial to have the support of those around you and sharing your goals and ambitions with your friends and family is a great idea. In doing so, you can also find out what their hopes are for the year ahead and offer them your support in accomplishing these things.

The key to successful change is to not take too much on at once and to consider your goals one at a time. Trying to do everything at once will inevitably leave you feeling overwhelmed, and then discourage you from wanting to continue with your positive change. There is no need to prioritize your intentions in order of importance as you will find you are more inclined to work towards certain things first. Take your own guidance and allow things to progress naturally.

There is no limit to what you can achieve for yourself in the next year with the right support and determination!

Feel Better

When someone hurts you or lets you down in some way, gently remind yourself that it is not their job to behave in ways that please you and you can find your emotional balance no matter what is going on.

Choose to let the experience go, choose to think about that person in very general terms until you feel relief. Find your own way back into your emotional balance.

Know that no one hurts another person unless they are out of their emotional balance, and being out of your emotional balance always feels bad.

Sooth yourself into finding your own emotional balance, and the more you practice finding your balance the more stable you will become. When you are in your emotional balance, even though unwanted things are happening in your world, you are of most value to others. You can be a positive good feeling inspiration to those who are ready to feel better.

No, Thank You

When someone asks you something and it just feels off to you – just back away and say no thank you!!! You don’t have to explain or justify! Love yourself enough to follow what FEELS GOOD TO YOU!

If something feels off – it is a clear sign to you that it is off for you vibrationally. Listen to your own inner guidance, and always reach for what feels better.

Be Happy

Happiness may often seem like a set destination that is far out of reach. However, it is possible for each of us to overcome our demons, outshine the sadness and find ways to become happier versions of ourselves.

There are many myths surrounding the concept of happiness that can be hard to shake. For example, many people believe that a large amount of money might make them happy, or that a life of leisure is the key to a lasting positive mood. Although these things may provide temporary feelings of pleasure, they are certainly unlikely to provide real and lasting happiness.

In order to truly bring happiness into our lives we must work to nourish our bodies and minds through moments of self-care. We must also make a commitment to be kind to ourselves and to forgive our past mistakes. Negativity weighing on the mind is a very real barrier to true happiness, and once you find ways to work through this negativity you can alter your mood in incredible ways!

When it comes to self-forgiveness, the key is to evaluate why you made these mistakes, or why you behaved in the way that you did, and then try to understand your reasoning for it. It is then important to think how you have changed since this time and how you would treat the situation differently if you were able to re-live it. Meditation is a very powerful tool for this and can really assist you in the process of letting go.

When it comes to self-care, the act of simply putting yourself first, even for just a few moments each day, can really help to boost your self-esteem and self-worth. Having time to yourself is incredibly useful when it comes to self-care and finding moments just for yourself throughout your day can help you on your journey to happiness. During these moments you can enjoy some quiet self-reflection, you can repeat a positive affirmation to yourself or you can take part in a larger self-care act, such as exercise or a massage, it’s entirely up to you as to what makes you feel good!

The Lives Ago

A thousand lives ago, we met.

Out past the town, the winds blow free,
And it was only you. Just you, and me.

But wind is fickle, changing ever.
Joining hearts may one day sever.
All the pushing on the world’s most advantageous lever.

Will not reset what’s left.
And gone away.
Or redirect the mind astray.

A couple is a pair, but it is also what can join a pair.
And our decoupling was complete,
And very neat.
But yet a bit more bitter than it was bittersweet.

A thousand lives ago, we met.
And I was ready.
Ready. Set.

But “Go” was never heard again.
Out past the edge of love, and men,
Where you left me.
Abandoned to the wind.

That ever blows your hair.
Inside my mind.
And blows my mind.
And leaves me deaf, and dumb, and blind.
To all
But my own

Which you could see.

So plainly.


Untitled 06/10/16

It’s not the events that happen,
Facts in time and space.
It isn’t the emotions wrought,
From such-and-such a place.

It’s not lessons that we learn,
From habits, work, or dwelling.
But in the way these coalesce,
The story’s in the telling.

She’s walking down a city street,
The first time, on her own.
This world is new and strange to her,
And she is quite alone.

But all is possibility,
And circumstance is good.
Both what she is expecting and what little’s understood.

As she described the day to me.
In vintage sorts of hue,
I fast imagined I could see.
As through her point of view.

For though she would started over, she had never really stopped.
And her at last rebirth came when the last few chains she dropped.

And all of this was in her tale,
That day, though strange and rough.
Resulted in discovering that she was good enough.

It’s not the events that happen,
Facts in time and space.
It’s not the emotions wrought from such-and-such a place.

It’s not lessons that we learn,
From habits, work, or dwelling.
But in the way these coalesce,
The story’s in the telling.