We’re Not Always Okay

Sometimes, it’s okay to not be okay. Because we’re not always okay.

Depression happens. Most of the time. That feeling of unrelenting suppression of feelings, hopes, dreams, joy. Disappointments happen. We look forward to things and they don’t happen and we’re heartbroken and may comes from those we love the most. Betrayal happens. Things we once thought should have been decided not to be, people we thought we could trust turned on us, things change and we don’t know how to cope. And that’s keeping us down.

Life happens. Stresses happen, deadlines and commitments and everything else piles up on top of each other and we can feel so worn. Exhausted. Mentally drain.

Life happens and it’s okay when we fall apart into a million pieces because we have a God that wants to put us back together. He always there. Life happens and it’s okay to not be okay, because when we realize that that we’re not fine, we open ourselves up to the amazing One.

It’s okay to not be okay, because we’ll never be perfect and we shouldn’t try to be..

It’s okay when things don’t go right because we live in a fallen, imperfect, wild world.

It’s okay to not be okay, because as soon as we realize that we’re not all set on our own, we open ourselves up to receive the help that only God offers. Everyone struggles with something. Whether it’s our own fault, or the doing of someone or something else, we all have things we’ll wrestle with.

Life doesn’t always play nice. But faith’s always there for us to hang on to. When we’re not okay, we can hang on to our faith and seek our God.

When we hear that we have “nothing to fear,” we can so easily write it off and think that it’s not true. Things are still terrifying. Life’s still scary. Problems still occur. We’re totally in human shape.. inside and out.

Because we won’t find them anywhere else.

In not being okay. Let us build our dependence on Him.



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