A Written You For Me

Write for me a tender thought. A trail of tears that I can follow. Show me what sorrow looks like beneath the weight of your pen as you condemn that sorrow to a life of bondage upon a sheet of white. Make me appreciate the white as it is covered in the darkness of your written thoughts. Scribbled lines of meaning only understood by one. The one that writes their moment.

Write for me your story so I can live a moment of your life. Feeling as you feel and seeing as you see. Solidify the taste of satisfaction that I find as I roll your words across my tongue. Savoring the word strings as verbs turn to flee for another line to matter. I can see your broken thoughts as you strive to piece the puzzle back together. The image of half a heart.

Write for me so I know it has been written. Writing mirrored moments with different endings. How sweet it can be to experience pain without pain. Your pain showing me my own. Your window allowing me to finally see.

A written you for me.


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