Here Comes The Tears

Here I go again. All over again. Over the same old story. I honestly don’t know how to get over it. It’s just too much that I can take. I played my part but seems like it was enough. So there you are now.. And here I am.

There you are knocking on the door. Asking me to let you in. I rest myself to the door. Listening to what you have to say. All over again. Remind me the things we did, remind me the things we said. How can I forget all that? Not a single thing. No. 

You keep knocking on the door. I don’t dare myself to open it. Because the last time I did you weren’t there. You were somewhere else and made things fall apart. You weren’t there when I kept the door wide open and you could come in. So I putting up my guard now. My fear won’t pass.  

This time I’m letting you knocking the door. And I’m here watching you doing all that from the window. I can see you there and wishing you can’t see me. Wishing you can’t see my sadness and my tears melting down.  

And yes.. Here comes the tears. But I’m not letting you seeing it.


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