Tomorrow is a new paragraph to be written in the story of my life,
where the heroine seeks new adventures,
overcomes obstacles, faces a future full
of surprises, takes on new roles
and stops wasting away her precious life.
if only she wasn’t so obstinate and uncertain she might discover a proud and self reliant woman,
intelligent and brave, a spiritual, soulful artist.

I’m not sure what I am going to write tomorrow,
or who I will write it for, or how it will make me feel.
Maybe I will introduce some new characters,
perhaps a hero, someone who will sweep the heroine away from the sleepy events of the day and banish melancholy forever.

Ah, but the noises of the street drift through my window and disturb the quiet sounds lying on my bed,
as the words of tomorrow float past the curtains and out of my reach,
promising to return in time to wake me in the morning with a gentle kiss.


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