Fast and Furious 7 Got Me Crying

Okay, so I just came back from watching Fast and Furious 7 and my heart….

At first, I was expecting that Paul Walker’s character, Brian, to be killed (and after researching now, I realized that they changed it to just retire him. Thanks Wikipedia) so there were some scenes that I teared up because I thought that they might kill off his character. I kept on thinking “Oh my god, here it comes…nononononono” so I always sigh in relief when it turns out I was wrong, so very wrong.

But, the main issue was at the ending. I should have brought tissues or at least a handkerchief for that tear fest at the end.

So, the gang is at the beach and they were looking at Brian, Mia, and their son, Jack. They knew that he was where he belongs, his family, and Dom stands up, ready to leave.

Cut to Dom stopping at an intersection and Brian catching up to him. The two drive together and *cue tears* there was a flashback of Brian’s moments in the Fast and Furious series. Then it was back to the shot of the two driving together but were soon separated at a fork in the road, while Vin Diesel delivered his monologue.

All I cay is…WOW, just WOW. The ending was a beautiful tribute to Paul Walker. I mean, I was prepared for a few tears, but I had a mini cry session at the end. How could I not? It was subtle, but the movie broke the fourth wall. You know that what Dom was saying was about the end of his and Brian’s adventures because of his family, but you know that it’s Vin Diesel talking about Paul Walker. It’s Vin Diesel saying goodbye to his dearest friend. There is no way that you wouldn’t cry because it’s not just acting.


That’s what touched me. That’s what made me cry. I guess, that’s what made everyone else cry, or at least tear up. The rawness and realness of what Vin Diesel was saying and the fact as fans, we miss Paul Walker.

No matter where you are, whether it’s a quarter mile or half way across the world, you’ll always be with me and always be my BROTHER – Dominic Toretto


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