The Hate for The Life

Things need to really out from my chest. I’m in the stage of hating my own life. Everything is just so wrong and i don’t like everything around me right now. I just don’t wanna be here and i don’t wanna be with anybody. Struggling in life is just not fun at all, fyi. And i have to say that i hate this so much. I tried so hard to be what they wanted me to be. And i feel like giving my 10,000% the best of me. But again, sometimes our best is just not good enough. Everything is just so wrong. And one thing i cry about is the fact that i can’t change it. The way some people is depending on me. The way that some people is wanting me to understand them more than what i can do. The way i put aside my needs and my wishes because i consider others’ are on my shoulders. l just hate everything. Don’;t dare to ask why. Don’t ask me to share it. I just hate it and that’s what you gotta deal with. Accept me that way they way i accept it about the life i hate. And it seems like the more i hate it the more Lord God is testing me. Testing my faith. Bring it on. Kill me. Because i can’t help it.


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