Expectation Creates Disappointment

I must admit that sometimes my mind flies higher than it should and creates over amplified sceneries of events. It is true that we are experiencing life depending on our ideas, beliefs, points of view, etc.  But sometimes our expectative is based on the wrong mental image and therefore, this leads us to pain and disappointment, or fear and stillness. But the truth is that something inside me was a little disappointed, I had thought the snow was soft and not so gritty and that had a heavy weight in my mind.  So heavy that it kept me from really enjoying that experience.  It was something really foolish but I didn´t have the greatest day of my life, just for that little discomfort.  I gave more power to that idea than to the whole experience. Same happens on the other side.  Some experiences that I thought were totally awful and avoided for years for fear and for holding the wrong images in my mind, were totally opposite when I finally gave myself the opportunity to try them. I held on to my wrong idea for years, before giving me the opportunity to see things under a different light. And I felt so bad when I was able to prove me wrong. But I am grateful I gave myself the opportunity and the power to try many things I was afraid of or simply had the wrong idea in my mind about them and in the end, they turned out to be wonderful.

The Universe will lead you to the best when you give yourself permission to experience it.


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