Simple 10 Reasons People Hate me

  1. I don’t recycle. I just don’t… What can i say.
  2. A lot of time when i speak in English instead in Bahasa Indonesia.
  3. Sometimes I pretend to be asleep so people will go away. It is amazing how quickly a person will become bored with you if you are audibly snoring.
  4. I don’t move over for bikers of any kind and I don’t consider your oversized toy a car. This will probably never change.
  5. If you ask me my nationality I will ask you to pay attention on my face and guess. It is because I am a bitch.
  6. I mumble a lot and then play it off by staring into space. When you stare into space people get uncomfortable and generally leave you alone…
  7. I singing a lot. And i don’t care what people think about it.
  8. I do say whatever i feel because i am a super honest person.
  9. My mouth is faster than my brain. If you know what i mean.
  10. I never say “Bless You” when someone sneezes. The silence is sometimes audible after such an occurrence… as if god is waiting for me to say it. I will, however, not say it anyway.

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