Let’s Talk About…………

You know the ones I’m talking about… The ones who smile to your face, and then spit on your back. Let me just say that I have had these same friends for a while now… I mean, more than a year. It took me a long time to figure how they are, and I have to say… The more I see the more disappointed I am. How can you stand in my face and call yourself a friend of mine, and then as soon as I walk away talk bad about me? Now, I have chalked this up to one thing, and one thing only, JEALOUSY!!

I do favors for these people all the time. I constantly feel like I owe them something because they helped me out of a tough situation. Every time I ask for the smallest favor I get cancelled on at the last minute. How do you cut people out of your life that were there at a very dark time for you? Even if their presence and influence in my life is poison and negative, how can I justify cutting them off when they did so much for me at one time?

Have you ever had friends that always point out your flaws? Never good things about you? I like to tell myself that it is only to make them feel better about their lives, but is it really? Is it just my way of ignoring the flaws that I have? Friends that no matter what are always better than you? Say, for example, you went and bought a new pair of jeans. Nothing fancy, just a $20.00 pair of jeans, because let’s be honest, they just fit you better. You get a compliment on them. “So cute, where did you get them??”. You say the name of the place (Forev*r 21, let’s be honest, paying $106.00 for ONE PAIR OF JEANS IS RIDICULOUS!!!), only to have your overachiever do-gooder friend comment on her jeans (“I got MY jeans at a designer store, I paid over $200.00 for these). Why? Who cares? Who even ASKED you about your jeans?

What is the point of this post? I don’t know. Just ranting. Venting. One too many “hurry up and do this before she can” moment.

I’m Done.

Rant over.


Rambling Pipeline Girl


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