Lesson and Bless

Some people come into our life as a lesson while some come as a bless. I always want it both ways for myself when come into someone’s life. I wan to be the blessing lessons. I want to be the lesson of blesses.

I’ve learnt the lessons so far. 28 years of life taught me a lot and I know there’s a lot more to come in the future. And I’m sure I haven’t learn enough. I’m still learning how to tame myself, how understand myself more than ever, how to deal with my own up and down feelings, how to get over my anger and sadness, how to be more who I created for in the life.. That’s the toughest part.

I know God created me and let me came to this world for some reasons which I have no idea what was that for. Be the love for my parents. Be the princess for my father, be the shelter for my mother, be the little one for my brothers, be the role model for my sister, be the great lover for my man and my kids, be the perfect bitch for my good friends, be the best enemy for my haters. I don’t know if I make it to all that. I won’t really know until my time comes one day.

All I can do is doing my best. And I’m sorry for those who I may disappointed so far. I didn’t mean to. I swear i tried. I just hope they won’t give up on me. Because I still want to be the blessing lesson and the lesson of the bless.


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