Indonesia Over the Announcement

Last night finally the election commission announced the most voted for presidential election from July 9th 2014. Joko Widodo – Jusuf Kalla won over Prabowo Subianto – Hatta Rajasa.

Prabowo Subianto rejects election result and blast polling commission, withdrew from the electoral process and issued an extraordinary attack against the country’s election commission. He was recorded to have won 46.73 percent of the vote, according to calculations. He then instructed all supporters of his party to walk away from their election-monitoring roles. I’m not sure what to say to be honest. But i’m so sorry for what he feels about it. I’m sure it was difficult for him. He and his team believe the General Elections Commission (KPU) has been cheating on the vote result numbers, he believes the people in Papua would vote for him. Well.. maybe. Maybe not.

Me myself have nothing to do against Prabowo or Jokowi and i would be so happy just like every Indonesian if we can get a good leader for the country, but i’m not saluting and not respect the KPU team’s reaction on the Walk-out action from Prabowo’s team who were there to be the witness of the announcement yesterday. The KPU’s team were like smiling and nodding their heads and not even trying to talk to them. For me they like showing that you can walk-out because the result is here and whatever you say or do wont change anything. The KPU should be the neutral one and be the bridge for Prabowo, Jokowi, and people.

I also not agree with what Prabowo did with his team by walk-out and gave a very fiery speech about his disappointment. I just wish that KPU and Constitutional Court would do something about it and could explain every information transparently so Prabowo and his team could accept their loss over the election.

I’m sure Prabowo is a better person than he was few years back. And i hope he can deal with these facts over the presidential election issues. God would save him. I believe. Insha Allah.

And i hope Joko Widodo and Jusuf Kalla will work their bum off to build up this country and carry out the mandate for the people of Indonesia. We have you as our leaders now. We want to trust you for our fate in this country. Be the one we can rely on. Be the change. Be the better one. Do and say everything under God. Insha Allah by October 20th 2014 you both will be inducted as the President and Vice President of Indonesia. We looking forward to that.

God bless Indonesia.


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