Birthday Girl!

So i had a so much June in this year of 2014. I have such a wonderful sunshine a long the way and so much blesses from the Lord above. I can not ask for more. Just right in time for a short lovely vacation in the city, 2 hours away from north Jakarta to Pari Island part of Thousand Island. Beautiful beaches, nice local people, nice seafood, and again wonderful sunshine.



And the fact that i got a chance to do the snorkeling thing. I was afraid of the animal under water because they might bite me.. LOL i know.. But at the end i enjoyed it so much more than i thought.

Even though my fave team for World Cup, Italy lost from Uruguay and gotta pack their bags back home, i still think that i would watch every matches til the finale. And last night also i got the first birthday wishes. Well.. I really appreciate it. I wanna thank every each of people around me but somehow i just don’t know how because i’m not so good with words.

For family and friends. You guys are wonderful. For my father in heaven, Papa.. 744 days without alcohol you know. I’m sure you know. You watch me over 24/7 now. I’m proud of myself for that actually. Thank you for being my guardian angel. 1814 days without you around is tough.

I have hated my birthday for as long as I can remember.
Except the presents, who doesn’t enjoy gifts!
That sounds selfish – it’s not.
It’s just a reality of how we are raised in our culture, to enjoy receiving gifts.
In saying that, I’m at the stage where a birthday means nothing at all.
I always wondered as a child why my parents said: “It’s just another day!”
Which it is, it is ‘just another day’, a day whereby I turn another year older, another year closer to my expiry date.
The older I get, the less I care about the day; which is shocking considering I never loved it anyway.
All the excitement which I once had for the day has been transferred to my children and seeing them happy.
Is this normal? Or is it just me.

Happy Birthday, to me!


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