This guy is somewhat interested in you, but he’s on the fence and doesn’t know if he sees himself with you long term.

He is attracted to you and enjoys your company, but there’s something that just isn’t clicking for him. The worst thing to do is work harder to try and win him over, this will just come across as needy and desperate (while driving you crazy every step of the way).

Instead, focus your energy on being the best version of yourself. Find sources of happiness aside from this relationship.  In many cases like this, this problem fixes itself when you bring more balance into your life and don’t look to your guy as a primary source of your happiness, excitement, fulfillment, etc.

Also, try to distance yourself a bit from him and give him a chance to miss you. Not in a cold or mean way at all, just spend your time doing other things so you give the relationship some space.

If he continues to pursue the relationship, it means he isn’t ready to throw in the towel quite yet and would like to see where this goes. If you don’t hear from him, or notice a drop in the frequency of calls or texts, it means he isn’t interested in a real way and you should just move on. 

It’s important to not initiate contact with him too frequently during this time. If you keep initiating and he keeps responding then you’ll hold onto hope that he does like you and will come around. It is only if you back off a bit and let him come to you that you’ll see how he really feels.

If he stops initiating, then forget him and move on. If he does initiate, then try to deepen your connection with him. Try to get to know who he really is and what he really wants out of life.

Right now, you probably have a comfortable level of interaction but it may be lacking in depth. In order for real intimacy to develop, you have to drop the masks and be your true and authentic selves. If you can both do this, and if it happens in a way that feels natural and not forced, then you’ll be on the right track for a real relationship. 


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