For the Love of Coffee

Do you drink Americano?

Do you prefer a cuppa Joe?

Or perhaps you like to start the day

With a plain old mug of café au lait?


Bean juice,

Brain juice,

Black Ichor of life !



Morning mud,

Mocha murk,

Mother’s anti-strife !



I like a cheeky cappuccino

To start the daily grind,

Sometimes I’ll have a decaf

If I need to rest my mind.


 Jitter juice or java?

Jamoke or a cup of jolt?

I really don’t care what it’s called,

It’s a liquid lightening bolt !


The molecular form for happiness;

C 8 H 10 N 4 0 2,

It’s the recipe for a decoction,

A demitasse caffeine brew !


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