Untitled for Friday

So it’s Friday here but i’m not sure if i care enough about it. I supposed to come to a good friends’ wedding tomorrow in Garut (West Java) but i need to say no for that. Not because i don’t wanna come but it’s because i have loads of work to do. Again, i’m having hectic days coming in. I can deal with that but i really don’t know what to say to the invitation that came earlier this week. I feel terribly bad now.

This week i also found that girl in the coffee shop made up her mind to leave that guy all behind and moving on with her life. Well, i really can’t tell if it’s good for her as i saw her crying over that decision she made. She told she loves him but she can’t let him kills her heart over and over again. I wish her all the best luck in the world.

Last Wednesday we finally had the election day. I don’t really wanna talk about it since it’s truly political and it’s very sensitive nowadays. All i can say is i don’t think i want Jokowi to be the president because it’s too early from him and the party he’s on is… i’m done talking about it.

I’m having someone lovely looking for a huge Teddy Bear i want the most. He actually found the perfect one but when he came back to the store it was sold out. Sad. There’s another one but it’s pink. Good luck for the Sun and the Star..

So now let me get back to work while enjoying my black coffee as always..

For Hera and Nicky, i’m sorry i can’t make it to your wedding but please know that i wish you the most happy wedding and great years to come in your marriage. I love you both, Neng and Onta ku..

I wish you all a great Friday and a wonderful weekend ahead.

– AM –


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