Come To An End

And perhaps this is mine. My soul has been searching a lot recently, and I’m having a difficult time putting into words what I am feeling. Maybe I will come back some time in the future and elaborate, but for now I’m putting my debacherous ways on the shelf. I’m imagining this feeling being akin to that of Lord Voldemort’s soul after being torn into 7 pieces. He is left with the inability to love. I am finding that, similarity, by seeking out sexual gratification, I am opening my heart to others….something I never intended. I’m losing the ability to love more and more and my little emotions don’t know which way is up anymore. 

So, to those that have followed without judgement, thank you. To those that I have connected with, I wish you all the best. To my lovers, both readers and not, you each are special to me in your own ways. May you, too, find what you’re searching for. 

Good day, loves, and goodbye.


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