Sorry Though

Maybe i’m one of the people who dislike to attending to a wedding. There were a lot of wedding invitations that… uumm… you know.. me ended up not going to.

From a school friend to a colleague at work. And some acquaintances in between. Not that i didn’t love them or i didn’t respect and appreciate them. I really did. By sent them “Congratulation for your wonderful wedding. I wish you both a never ending happiness. Love, Astri” greeting card. I didn’t have to explain why i act that way, did i?

I just don’t like the idea of mingling with lots of people that i really don’t know. I can just come to the wedding, greet the groom and bride, and leave. But that would be so obvious that i don’t like it. Or the might think that i’m being fake and disrespect them. Which is so wrong.

I can remember very well when i really came to friends or colleagues or acquaintances wedding parties. Well, i don’t go for acquaintances’ ones. Won’t really matter, right? I remember i came to Rena and Rusli’s wedding, Jay’s, Jane’s, G’s, Lia’s, Selvi’s, Lidia’s, Age’s, Indah’s… and… that’s were all.

I know.. i know… You can imagine how bad i was. But again, it was not that i didn’t respect and appreciate the others’ invitations. I just don’t like wedding. And i honestly feel bad about it. Just like when my mom prepared some fresh fruit for me but it was papaya. Surely i love her so much but there’s no way i would eat the papaya. Just like that.

But i have at least 3 up coming wedding parties that i have to attend to because they’re all my good friends. Putri’s (she’s not inviting me yet but i know she’s getting to it and she’s my childhood elementary school friend, Hera and Nicky’s (both are my crazy friends), and the real soon one is Mega’s (she’s my secondary school friend). See.. there’s no way i would not attend to the parties.

For those who got me wrong. I’m sorry.. I promise i’ll be be better.

– AM –


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