A Little Story From A Girl In The Coffee Shop

So here’s the story of a girl that i wanna share. She said it’s ok for me to released this for public to read. We had this talk in a coffee shop. In a place where she used to met him.

She met her and he became the man of her life. Everything seemed perfect. But his hands are tied and he can’t leave what he has along this time. He is a married man.

He ran away from work just to hug and kiss her. Called her million times a day to tell her how much he loves her. Escaped from his family just to spent a weekend with her. Brought her chocolates and stuffs even she never asked that from him. She thought why she didn’t meet him a long ago.

Days passed. Weeks passed. Months passed.

He barely even look her in the eyes. He got busy playing with his phones and checked some nude pics. Always a week without seeing each other. Busy has became the best word. He even flirted other girl in front of her. He kept doing things she hates him to do and offends her a lot. Like over and over again. And she even think why am i being with him now? No more i love you from him. He even told her to find another man and get married. Frankly. Didn’t even care how she felt about that.

And in a night, she text him “i love you” and he replied “someday love will finds you”. And for her, that was it. She wished him happiness. And she walked away. She walked away in such pain that kills her heart. She walked away with tears. She walked away because she loves him too much. That too much that hurts her too deep.

He never knows how much she loves him. He never knows how she talked about him to her friends and she was proud about having him as his man. He never knows all that.

She ended up her story and asked me what she should do. I looked at her and felt sorry for what happened to her. From her eyes i can tell that she loves him so much and it’s killing her inside. And i finally spoke my mind out while i held her hands. I told her that she needs to be strong and leave it all behind. I told her that i believe in karma. She stand up and walked out the coffee shop and left me. 5 feet away she turned around and said to me “i love him, you know” and never came back.

I’m thinking to myself now. Love really could kill a heart. But i believe one thing. A good man was made to be with a good woman, and a good woman was made to be with a good man. What kind of a good person are you? Make sure you are a good person if you wanting a good one to be with you. That’s all. I don’t know if she read this, but i wish he does though.

– AM –


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