I heard a story from my mom this morning and i cried while having my breakfast. I can’t continue whatever i had this morning. Broke me into pieces and thanking God even more for what i’m having right now.

A story of two little girls in West Sumatera, Indonesia. Their father can’t help them making money, stay at home being sick, like super sick. The girls making money, making really little money. Living in a poor family. Cleaning the henhouse, like super dirty henhouse and get 2,000 IDR for reward. Like seriously.. 2,000 IDR for the reward. And selling betel nuts for 2,000 IDR per KG. They get that little money after 5 days dried out the betel nuts and sell it per KG, only 5 KG per week.

Their small bodies. Weak too. But tough hearts. Strong in minds.

2,000 IDR. I don’t even remember how i spent that little money in 1 day. How is that possible?

I spent lots money for foods, drinks, or even some coffees. Means nothing somehow. While it means everything for those little girls in the other end.

I’m sorry my little friends. I’m so sorry. I can’t be as tough as you both. I don’t think i can get through that such life. My hands are shaking just to think about you, little ones. I’m so sorry for every single rough time you have in your life.

For you, who’s reading this right now, help others. RIGHT NOW! And be grateful for what you have now. Put aside your needs on new shoes, new bags, new iPhones, salads, fruits, or pizzas.. Think about what those unlucky people around us. They can’t even get a dollar to spend each day. Help others and realize what you are being blessed with.. RIGHT NOW!


– AM –


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