I assume that everyone, we all, owe our-selves a good life, a happy life, a full of joy life. We can’t let our body starves over something. Clothes, foods, water, sex, smiles, laughs, even tears of happiness. We just can’t.

We gotta win every games in life. We gotta conquer every battle in life. We gotta win the pitch and bring home the award. Not a time wasting for nothing. Not a time to regret about when it comes to our family. Because we all know that only time that we have but will never come back when we missed it.

From this very moment, wear your best outfit everyday. Go get some good laugh at work, start early and leave early. Go have your favorite meals every time. Have a lot of sex. No stress over something, hang loose.

Think it this way: it’s your life, no guarantee that you will see tomorrow, so fuck it. Make the best out of it. Because you only deserve the best. Nothing else but the best.

We owe our-selves A GODDAMN GOOD LIFE!

– AM –


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