Monday Is (Actually) Not That bad

Monday shouldn’t be depressing. The memory of fun weekend is still in the mind, returning to all the problems that left behind on Friday and the endless expanse of time until next weekend. Surely Mondays are the most depressing day of the week?

Unfortunately, i also find that Fridays and Saturdays are not as good as we imagine either. People thought their worst moods were experienced on Monday mornings and evenings. People thought their best moods were experienced on Friday ad Saturday mornings and evenings. I, personally, don’t believe that.

I found that, on average, people’s mood remain about the same throughout the week. Mondays weren’t as depressing as people thought and Fridays and Saturdays weren’t as exciting as people predicted.

Consequently, in reality out mood fluctuation over the week might not follow the stereotypical pattern of a steady increase from a low on Monday through a high on Saturday. Instead our weekly average mood profile could be much flatter than we imagine.

– AM –


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