Loneliness Is Normal!

Since there is such a stigma about loneliness, le me just say there are justifiable and perfectly good reason for this common state of being. While some may certainly have a chronic issue that need to be addressed,  the truth that the rest of us will still experienced an average of 48 days  of loneliness each year. And my guess is that December holds a good share of those days for many!

Not all of us will be with family this year, or maybe we will but it will be painful. Many of us have lost loved ones that we will miss in this time of year in profound ways. This season is especially hard After any big changes you’ve survived in the last year wheter it be divorce,  a big move to a new place or a job change that affects your finances or time. Perhaps you hope to have a baby this Christmas and don’t yet or perhaps your last child just moved out leaving your house feeling quite empty. There are hundreds of reason and you admitting to loneliness is completely normal. Healthy. And it doesn’t mean you’re not like-able!

It simply means we want to call it what it is. Recognize it’s impact in our lives. And ensure that we’re moving in the right direction to increase our sense of belonging, acceptance and community!

– AM –


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