Indonesians Children Education

This morning my boss in Singapore asked me to do some research about a Children Development and Nurturing Center in Jakarta because his wife wants to open one here in Jakarta.  So i checked it on the internet, surely with the help of our beloved Google.

I found some and all located in some area where lots of foreigners live and/or in some area that dominated by the upper class people.Why? Because those are who care about weigh the balance of their child’s developmental progress, expanding social skills, etc.

And most Indonesian children are (mostly) only care about how to spend their parents money for some junk foods, toys, using iPhone for Instagram, using Blackberry for BBM ing friends, updating what’s on their mind and sharing photos on Facebook. Like they grow up to be some models or celebrity and don’t care enough about how an airplane could fly to the sky, why the leaves are green, or who is the first president of Indonesia.

And the parents are too busy on making money to provide their children wants, not what they need. An iPhone 5 for a 12 years old school girl? Seriously? She emailing Dora or Minie Mouse? Why don’t you send her to Planetarium to learn how the stars shining at night and how the world’s spinning. I just don’t get it.

I’m not saying that every Indonesian kid has to go to some kinda expensive school or learning center to get some great educations and unforgettable experiences. Parents could teach their children by sit together in front of  a computer and watch an educational video and talk about it and do some research for it. That’s the thing that the kiddos wont forget when they grow up.

It will be so much nicer if i report to my boss like this:

“Will, here in Indonesia, children get those educations from school and from their parents at home and they love it. So such learning center is not popular here in Jakarta.”

than like this:

“Will, here in Indonesia, children don’t get enough those educations from school, nor from their parents at home because they can afford it and they don’t really care about that, unless to the foreigners. So such learning center is not popular here in Jakarta.”

– AM –


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